Frank Holmes' 5 Reasons to Consider Ethereum

Mainstream media is stuck on Bitcoin. But what about Ethereum? In 2020, Ethereum actually outperformed Bitcoin by a wide margin. 475% gain versus just over 300%. Frank Holmes, Interim CEO and Executive Chairman of HIVE Blockchain Technologies weighs in on Ethereum and shares his bullish rationale.

5 reasons to consider Ethereum:

- Strong institutional buying

- CME futures launching February 8, 2021

- Explosion in DeFi use

- Growing stablecoin demand - Ethereum 2.0


HIVE Blockchain Technologies is the first publicly traded crypto miner. Listed in Toronto, HIVE is one of the top Ethereum miners using green energy. The stock traded over 2 billion shares in 2020 and was up 2,300%. Learn more about gaining exposure to crypto mining and a portfolio of coins. Visit

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